Senior Back-end Engineer

June 21, 2022
$5000 - $7000 / month

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Job Description

About Openloop
When our CEO & Co-Founder was a kid, he thought his dad must be the best doctor in the world. Why else were people driving from all over for their appointments? He realized that, while his dad was a great doctor, he was also one of the only specialists available in his rural community.

That’s why we built OpenLoop. We’re passionate about powering telehealth companies in all 50 states of US to expand access to affordable, convenient, and quality care. We do this by connecting our network of leading clinicians with innovative digital health companies, and managing many of the HR and Operations challenges that come with licensing, credentialing, insurance, PC groups and scheduling, all through our SaaS platform.

We have a flat organizational structure. Everyone is encouraged to bring ideas to the table and make things happen. This fits with our core values of Autonomy, Competence and Belonging, as we want everyone to feel empowered and supported to do their best work.

Job functions

The Senior Backend Engineer at OpenLoop will assist in the user-facing features, and backend API calls across our website and web platform.

OpenLoop is seeking a talented Senior Backend engineer to help build the foundation of our web application to handle thousands of users engaged with our system.

As the Senior Backend Engineer, you’ll be expected to:

  • Design and implement APIs that are consumed by our applications and our users.
  • Implement monitoring and alerting services for our existing applications.
  • Create internal tools that enable our asynchronous team of engineers to work as efficiently and frictionlessly as possible.
  • Contribute to an event-driven architecture that will power the future of our product line.
  • Mentor junior engineers who would like to grow in the backend space.

KPIs? We track story points, merge requests, and overall engagement with the engineering team. If you’re a master of scale, this position is right for you!

Qualifications and requirements

Our tech stack is MERN, so you should have the following demonstrable experience:

  • 3+ years experience building production-ready backend applications.
  • 2+ years experience with Node.js.
  • 1+ years experience with TypeScript, GraphQL, and MongoDB or similar technologies.
  • 3+ years experience using git for source control.
  • 2+ years experience working in an Agile environment.

Day to day, we collaborate most frequently using Slack, Notion, Linear, Figma, FullStory, and Zoom.

We would only select a candidate with English speaking proficiency since most of the communications would be with the USA team. We are looking for a candidate that can explain technically and in a functional way the tickets developed during the sprint.

This will be a full-time position with a flexible schedule to accommodate talented lifestyles. The office in Peru is based in Lima – Miraflores and we have remote work working from home or anywhere in Peru . Candidates MUST live in Perú.

Desirable skills

Experience building solutions with AWS products would be awesome.
Experience using unit and integration testing tools like Cypress, Jest, and React Testing Library would be great as well.


In addition to competitive salaries, this role includes:

  • Long term contract under a Peruvian company ID(“Planilla”). You will receive all the legal benefits in Peruvian soles. Payment is variable based on candidate experience and skill.
  • Unlimited PTO — We believe in taking time off (and actually do it).
  • EPS healthcare covered 100% — Because you, too, deserve access to great healthcare.
  • AFP retirement plan — to help you save for the future.
  • SCTR plan covered in addition to the EPS. – Live insurance to cover any accident while you do home office.
  • We send you a MAC so you can have the best tools to do your job.
  • You will have all the benefits of the Coworking during the days you decide to visit the office. (Free beverage, internal talks, bicycle parking, best view of the city).
  • Flexible Schedule and Work Policy.
  • And the chance to change the future of medicine.

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to meet you.