Mid software engineer

August 5, 2022
$1750 - $4500 / month

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Job Description

Our Data Platform team is looking for a passionate, pragmatic, and conscientious software engineer to join their ranks. One area the team is responsible for is the rollout, maintenance, and enhancement of our Promotional Forecasting platform.

The Promotional Forecasting application captures demand from franchise store groups to ensure a reduction in supply chain waste.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
● Taking ownership of the Promotional Forecasting frontend SPA, backend
APIs, scheduled functions, and database.
● Balancing technical and business requirements.
● Working throughout our software processes, design through to deployment.
● Collaborating with the team and wider business.
● Creating and managing core Azure cloud infrastructure.
● Ensuring Orderly balances profit and purpose, focusing on our sustainability mission.

The successful candidate must have:
● Proven track record in maintaining and upgrading existing, well-established products.
● Proactive problem-solving mindset.
● Excellent communication & teamwork skills.
● Excellent time management skills and being able to accomplish tasks
● Genuine interest in applying new and emerging technology to solve real
business problems.
● Experience working in an agile development environment.

The successful candidate could have exposure to some of the following skills:
● Experience with Azure.
● Exposure to SQL or relational databases.
● Any business context around supply chain management would be ideal.

You should be able to understand and produce long and complex texts and speeches with detailed descriptions in English.

● Information on the steps of the selection process:

Step 1: You will answer 4 quick screening questions [10 min].

Step 2: Joel Mann, Product Manager of Orderly, will interview you [30 min].

Step 3: David Hall, Chief Operating Officer of Orderly, will interview you [30 min].

Step 4: Job offer [15 min].